New Organic Calf Milk Replacer

Posted by Elizabeth Marvel on Mar 9, 2017 6:13:30 PM

Organic calf milk replacers have been a rather scarce commodity in the United States. Milk Specialties Global is changing that with the introduction of Organi-calf ™ our new USDA Organic calf milk replacer. For many organic dairies, this will be just the tool to help them finally break the link in Johne's transmission.

Organi-calf ™ is formulated with organic milk ingredients, organic palm oil and organic carbohydrates to provide an instant calf milk replacer with 20% protein and 22% fat. The addition of vitamins and minerals provides the same support for growth and proper development that's provided in other Milk Specialties' milk replacers.Thanks to our organic milk ingredient facility in Newport, Nebraska, Milk Specialties has a steady and consistent supply of organic milk proteins.

Milk Specialties is a major manufacturer of protein encapsulated fats and uses that same technology to produce Organi-calf ™. Encapsulation is a key factor in milk replacer mixability and helps ensure ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the product and are in a form that maximizes digestibility.

Organic certification was obtained through OCIA, Organic Crop Improvement Association. For more information on Organi-calf click the image below.