The Science of Mixing Milk Replacer (video)

Posted by Elizabeth Marvel on Jul 2, 2019 2:10:19 PM

What could be easier than mixing a bit of powder in water, right? If it were only that simple…

When it comes to mixing milk replacer and feeding it to calves, there are a surprising number of issues that can creep up, either from a mixing, feeding or an animal performance standpoint. How we measure milk replacer powder, how we mix it with water and the temperature at mixing and feeding time affect both the milk replacer and the calf.


Join Milk Specialties Global’s Calf Specialists as they provide an overview of the science of Mixing Milk Replacer:

  • importance of accurately measuring milk replacer powder using appropriate tools to ensure correct and consistent nutrition
  • aspects of mixing including temperature and concentration or solids of the milk replacer solution
  • the effect of temperature on solubility — what happens to the fat emulsion when mix temps are extreme
  • importance and effect of milk replacer temperature at feeding time

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