Posted by Research & Development on Mar 11, 2020 1:26:24 PM

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Milk Specialties Global is boosting the North American supply chain with Calcium Caseinate sourced and produced in the United States. The rBGH free skim milk is sourced from California dairy farms and transported to the Visalia, CA facility to produce Calcium Caseinate.

Calcium Caseinate is a highly functional ingredient with an excellent amino acid profile. It has excellent dispersibility, viscosity, and emulsification capabilities; making it a versatile ingredient of choice for ready to mix sports nutrition powders and other functional food applications.


The process of producing Calcium Caseinate involves gentle acidification and neutralization of the milk to help retain all superior nutritional qualities. Calcium Caseinate is an extremely nutritious and clean tasting ingredient that delivers a high level of protein with low levels of carbohydrates (sugar/lactose). It is also high in naturally occurring calcium phosphate which is the building block for strong teeth and bones, helping to maintain bone density and structural functions.

Milk Specialties Global’s Calcium Caseinate is available in instant and regular form, with non-GMO, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher and Halal certifications. Instant Calcium Caseinate is recommended for use in all nutritional powder formulations to improve nutritional and sensory attributes as well as increase the product shelf-life.

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